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    Are you ready for a relationship? Are you SURE?! So many people see all of these cute relationship, anniversary, and "cuffing" videos on social media like vine and instagram but don't realize what happens behind the scenes. There is much effort and turmoil to get over as obstacles in order to achieve happiness with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Too many people want to break up at the sight of any problems. No storm can sink a ship that is well fortified! Trust and confide in the love of your relationship. If there is no love, then you don't really have much fuel to drive you guys through all of the arguments, fights, and fallouts. Love and Relationships Marathon FINALE inspired by and dedicated to Shanel Fontenelle. Thanks so much for the support. Ask me advice here: Twitter: @TheJeffAlmonte IG: Jeffrey_Almonte BUSINESS and BOOKING email ONLY:
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    These tall niqqas sware they hard and too good. Everyone noes short niqqas do it bettah. Follow my Facebook: Https:// ...
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    PART 2 A series of jokes you can use to catch people off guard in the real world.
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    Nothing MAKES you gay, straight, bisexual etc... These are self-identifying labels YOU own. The labels don't own you. You can literally do whatever you want.
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    Dip your tip in a capful of alcohol QUICKFAST before you about to get some top. HYGIENE FIRST. HAVE SOME RESPECT. How you gonna let someone give ...
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    Ornella faces her detachment issues by recounting a story of betrayal(Episode 3). See More of Ornella on Youtube: Instagram: ...
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    Real Men Go to Hell Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Instagram! ...
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    Depends who you're asking. What does the label "Gay" mean to you, in your perspective? Labels only exist as a pathetic attempt for humans to organize what ...
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    Read about it on my site: Support The Site Here:
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    Ghetto Jeffro Hates Paper Straws Follow me on Instagram! Support Free Content by Making a Donation: ...
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    TI Finally Responds on the Red Table Talk... Sources Below. Follow me on Instagram! Support Free Content by ...
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    Watch How we made this film in 7 Days Here: Support free content here:
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    In today's Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Real Men Suck Dick and dwayne has no words lol BUY OUR NEW LOYALISTS MERCH LIMITED EDITION ...
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    Ghetto Jeffro hates when you skip the lunch line. Don't do it. He will dead clap you, I promise you. Fuck is the point of being an inconsiderate asshole and always ...
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    Let's have a talk. Follow me on Instagram! Artists featured: @tall_art @freckledhijabi @jq96_artshow @tima.aa ...
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    What if you two don't work out? You will wind up regretting the tattoo, won't you? Nope. If someone meant so much to you at some point that you felt the need to ...
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    Four friends consider becoming rappers when one of them realizes what mundane lives they live. They contemplate which style of rap would be best to try to ...
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    Let's have a Cyph. Follow me on Instagram! Support Free Content by Making a Donation: ...
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    Having an ugly girlfriend means never having to worry about other guys stealing her from you. Plus, the law of baddery states that if a girl is ugly, that is her only ...
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    Showing more of my natural personality in some of my older videos from 2012. Get used to the dark humor, douchebag puns, and confusingly sarcastic cynicism.
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    Merely a fraction of evidence of stealing ideas from other videomakers. You can decide to accept truth or not. This is something I've let go for the longest.
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    Artist Deebo Dioso takes a nostalgic trip to #thenexus to reminisce about his uncle's lessons about violence - a necessary evil crucial to his survival as an inner ...
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    Almonte highlights Hood PTSD and how he uses film to cope with his dissociation. Watch Episode 2: Watch Episode 3: ...
    автор | дата 27.02.2015
    Ghetto Jeffro tells the story a ratchet female dog ruining the molecular structure of his Blistex Medical lip balm. According to him, there are rules to borrowing the ...
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    People will look so good on Facebook yet look like a completely different person when you meet them. Word of advice is to learn how to spot a catfish. Too many ...
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    What if you were born the opposite sex? Who would you have sex with? COMMENT BELOW! Satirical improv comedy at its best, once again. Last Episode: ...
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    Timothy's Channel: A series of jokes you can use to catch people off guard in the real world. PART 3 HERE: ...
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    It's just practice! The Realest nigga alive explains how cheating is justified as long as no emotions are involved in order to hone your skills in the bedroom to be ...
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    Follow me on Instagram for More! Support Free Content by Making a Donation: ...
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